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The Premise

Becoming a professional ballet dancer in the United States requires years of training, dedication, and luck. With only a few thousand full-time jobs available, navigating a ballet career can be challenging and filled with uncertainty.

There is no comprehensive source that documents the process of becoming a professional ballet dancer in the US from beginning to retirement using statistics. This report provides a data-driven overview of the US ballet industry, focused on training, companies, and ballet-related careers after retirement. It discusses the current state of the industry using statistics to support claims whenever possible. Each year, we will update and report our data in the latest version of this report, tracking trends over time. We hope our work helps trainees, dancers, company leadership, and advocates make informed decisions.

To future dancers aspiring to work in these companies - we hope to see your name in our database one day!

How to Contribute

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  • If you are a ballet dancer in the US and would like to contribute writing, a quotation about your experience, or data, either direct message us on Instagram or email us at contactus(at)datapointes(dot)com

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